Galaxy Inspection and Testing Services

About Us

Galaxy Inspection and Testing Service (GITS) go beyond testing, inspecting and certifying products; we help customers improve performance, gain efficiencies in manufacturing and logistics, overcome market constraints, and reduce risk. We’ve earned a reputation for helping our customers increase the value of their products, gain competitive advantage, and develop trusted brands.  Through our services we help our clients to minimize the adverse health and environmental impact of their products and processes for the benefit of society as a whole.

GITS is a full-service regulatory compliance laboratory offering solutions for most EMC/EMI, environmental, product safety testing and most of the EU directive requirements. GITS prides itself on being the engineer’s laboratory due to our focus on the four main points of a lab: people, facility, equipment and location.

People:  GITS is an ISO-9001 certified and accredited laboratory with a staff of engineers and report writers with the technical expertise to meet testing requirements with thoroughness, accuracy and efficiency. The staff at GITS focuses on proactive communication with the customer. Our engineers understand the importance of providing technical feedback and detailed reports with quick turnaround times.

Facility: Customer comfort is a priority of GITS. The facility is located at Belapur, Navi Mumbai close to the Navi Mumbai Corporation. The lab space is brightly lit, temperature controlled and features  numerous other amenities for its clients.

GITS can sharpen your competitive edge:

  • With reliable testing and certification for faster regulatory approval,
  • Through rapid, efficient entry to virtually any market in the world,
  • With total quality assurance across your supply chain,
  • Through innovative leadership in meeting social accountability standards,
  • By reducing cost and minimizing health, safety, and security risks.